Purchasing higher volumes makes every reference cheaper.

Average number of references per year:

Create trial account

Your trial account will contain three reference templates, one for personal references and two designed to be sent to previous/current employers. More details on each type of reference can be found here.

You can trial the service free of charge for 30 days (completing up to 50 reference checkscontact us if you need more). As each referee completes their reference questionnaire you will have immediate access to their feedback.

After the trial period has ended you can simply purchase reference units to continue to use the service. There is a small one off set-up fee based on the number of references you use per annum.

Number of References Per Year
Set-up Fee
Up to 100 £150
101 to 250 £350
251 to 500 £500
501 + £950

Safeguarding versions

If you need to ask specific questions around safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, we can easily include these, just let us know (there is no additional charge).


Typically our clients use the three standard reference templates during the trial and then we will work with you to make required changes. These range from creating totally bespoke references through to simple "tweaks" to our standard formats.


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