Using our service, 25% of reference requests are collected within 24 hours and 80% within 10 days.

The ultimate benefit of this service is about process. Reducing your time, saving money and removing the hassle of reference collection.

Improve your processes for reference collection

Send reference requests with just a few clicks and track progress from within your own easy-to-use login. We email you as soon as the reference is completed.

Save time

Dramatically reduce the admin burden of referencing. No more chasing, no more phone-tag.

Spend elsewhere

Slash the costs of referencing - postage, telephone calls and headcount.


Referees can complete on any smart phone (invitations by text), any tablet or any computer.

Three reference types

We’ll give you access to all three and can use them for any candidate and in any combination. The costs are the same for each version. If our content doesn't fit the bill we can take your reference template and reproduce it on our delivery platform.

Standard Employer Reference

Completion Time: 2 mins

Includes the usual reference fact find around questions on length of service, salary, working relationships, why the candidate left the role and any known working restrictions. There is an open-ended comments box and safe-guarding questions, if required.

Example Report

Detailed Employer Reference

Completion Time: 5 mins

In addition to those questions asked in the standard version, there are more in-depth questions on the candidate's fit to the new role, potential, motivation and cooperation. Referees are asked to comment on key strengths and development areas.

Example Report

Personal Reference

Completion Time: 2 mins

Questions on how the referee knows the candidate and in what capacity, how well they know the candidate and for how long. Personal referees are asked to comment on key strengths with an additional free text area.

Example Report

Safeguarding Versions

If you need to ask specific questions around safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, we can easily include these - just let us know (there is no additional charge).

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No Restrictions

Collect up to fifty references using any combination of the standard, detailed and personal reference templates.


High quality, easy to read and downloadable reference reports.

Referee Management

A simple and effective user interface to manage referees, distribute references and manage approvals (if required).


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